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What we do

SUASA KREATIF (M) SDN BHD, since its inception in 1993 and through an innovative program of investment and improvement, has landed itself as a leading sustainable and socially responsible wood processing company in the region.


SUASA KREATIF (M) SDN BHD focuses on wood processing, manufacturing and distribution of quality rubber wood products and reliable services to meet clients’ diverse requirement at an optimum cost.


As a natural progression, SUASA KREATIF (M) SDN BHD has extended its business activities to include the creation of value-added products and downstream processing of wood in the form of pre-finished furniture components.

Quality Rubber Wood Products

All our products originate from rubber wood (Hevea Brasiliensis) which is of medium density hardness similar to oak and teak.  The drying shrinkage of rubber wood is relatively low compared to most hardwood with same density and this makes rubber wood more dimensionally stable and therefore harder than most other timber species used for furniture or timber flooring.


More importantly, rubber wood is considered a true eco-friendly product because it comes from sustainable and manageable plantation resource and it is biodegradable.  Furthermore, it does not produce toxic waste or fumes during production, usage or disposal.


Rubber wood has firmly established itself as one of the major timbers used for the production of furniture and other furniture components.


The rubber wood sawn timber processing and furniture producing industry in Malaysia is well developed as it has the support of the government to develop the wood-based industry sector under the Industrial Master Plan

Our Commitment

Due to our long-standing presence in the timber industry, we have cultivated excellent relationship with our co-partners in this market which is expanding throughout Malaysia.  We pledge to provide our esteemed clients with GENUINE and SUPREME QUALITY processed rubber wood sawn timber.

Our organisation aims to garner new customers and continue to serve our loyal customers. We believe that this can be accomplished by delivering superior quality products and excellent service. We continually seek new product innovation as well as customer service enhancement.  Whilst serving our customers, we hope to enhance their lives in a positive manner.  

We are committed to meeting and  exceeding our customers’ expectations by providing the highest quality products, the most competitive pricing, expedient and reliable services.

Our Philosophy

SUASA KREATIF has a strong reputation in the timber processing industry because of its work philosophy.  In addition to having a good work ethic, SUASA KREATIF conducts its business with honesty and integrity.  Our strength lies in our commitment to our customers.


We hold firmly to our business principles : “Optimum Quality Control, Competitive Pricing, and High Commitment”. We have a team of staff who focuses on quality control to minimize product defectiveness. With well regulated an organization of labor force and mass production, we are able to generate product with competitive pricing. Of course, adhere strictly to our commitment, in accordance to our main philosophy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a foundation for the society’s future to achieve a sustainable balance between human and ecological needs of all aspects of society in relation to our business activities.

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